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Our Mission, Values and What Makes us Different

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At Sterling PLM, our goal is to give our customers the guidance and freedom to do their best work. Offering specialized industry expertise and deep technical insight, we strive to:

  • Identify any engineering and business challenges
  • Provide compliance-driven solutions
  • Support the effectiveness of those solutions throughout the entire development lifecycle


As we aspire to deliver excellence and innovation in support of our mission, our team is guided by a core suite of values that define the essence of who we are.

We are dependable: We follow through and do whatever it takes to meet the needs of those we serve. Confident and goal-oriented, we are intensely focused on delivering the most effective solution to meet each client’s unique needs—always. Our attitude is one of perseverance and commitment. 

We act with integrity: Earning and maintaining our clients’ trust is foundational to everything we do. We take an honest, open-minded and humble approach to help our clients achieve success. 

We are collaborative: We listen intently and share freely. Relationship-focused, equitable and inclusive, we use diplomacy, tact and the two-way exchange of ideas to actively build rapport with each client.

What Makes us Different: 

At Sterling PLM, we solve engineering management problems—but that alone is not what sets us apart. We offer a unique perspective that’s grounded in extensive cross-industry expertise to deliver customized solutions that address clients’ challenges and goals. We are more than just seasoned experts in lifecycle management technologies; we are a team of engineers with first-hand experience solving for ourselves the same problems we now solve for our clients. 

With years of experience cultivating superior technical and lifecycle management know-how, we’ve developed an uncanny ability to anticipate problems before they become apparent to our clients. Our specialized expertise and customized approach to solving problems have allowed us to delight over 357 companies, large and small, across more than 1,200 projects. 

In other words, we’ve been there, we understand your pain, we speak your “language”—and we know how to help you achieve success. 


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