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Aerospace and Defense

In the aerospace industry, managing product development activities efficiently and effectively is critical in reducing time-to-market and improving quality and safety across multiple, complex systems.

Polarion ALM and Jama Connect are centralized electronic solutions that offer comprehensive traceability and indisputable evidence of adherence to regulations for businesses operating in regulated sectors.

Our team at Sterling PLM specializes in aiding aerospace engineering enterprises in meeting the requirements of the DO-178C standard and AS9100 quality management system. By leveraging Polarion ALM or Jama Connect, we enhance efficiency, ensure top-notch quality, and enable effective tracking of essential project elements, thus providing valuable support to our clients.

Tailored to align with the stringent industry prerequisites and streamline obligatory verifications throughout the entirety of the aerospace product lifecycle, Sterling’s aerospace-oriented solutions provide: 

Regulatory Compliance: AS 9100 sets forth vital industry benchmarks governing the design, development, and delivery of aerospace products, while DO-178C stands as a pivotal document leveraged by regulatory bodies for the approval of software-based aerospace systems. When undertaking the meticulous task of overseeing regulatory adherence, it becomes essential to have access to individuals well-versed in the intricacies of the stipulated standards, overseeing the comprehensive fulfillment of regulations. Both Polarion ALM and Jama Connect offer a streamlined approach to this endeavor. These systems offer a seamless integration of regulatory requirements into the project workflow and enable efficient tracking and validation processes. Moreover, Polarion ALM and Jama Connect efficiently generate trace reports, swiftly validating testing completion, flagging untested requirements, or identifying unmitigated risks, all within a matter of seconds.

Risk Management: Polarion ALM and Jama Connect play pivotal roles in enhancing risk management strategies for organizations in compliance-based industries. By providing comprehensive tools for risk assessment, analysis, and mitigation, these platforms empower businesses to proactively identify potential risks across the project lifecycle. Through customizable workflows and intuitive interfaces, Polarion ALM and Jama Connect enable teams to collaboratively assess risks, assign ownership, and establish mitigation strategies. Real-time visibility into risk status and progress helps teams make informed decisions and take timely actions. Additionally, these solutions facilitate traceability, ensuring that risk-related decisions and actions are well-documented and aligned with project objectives. Overall, Polarion ALM and Jama Connect serve as integral components for effective risk management, fostering a culture of proactive planning and ensuring project success within regulated environments.

Team Collaboration: Seamless real-time collaboration is easily attainable through solutions such as Polarion ALM and Jama Connect. These platforms provide a single source of truth, facilitating fluid teamwork across various departments, eliminating the complexities of revision conflicts, and promoting uninterrupted and ongoing development workflows.

Complete Visibility: The reporting capabilities of Polarion ALM and Jama Connect represent a transformative leap in project oversight and decision-making processes. Intricate dashboards and comprehensive reports provided by these systems offer extensive project progress visibility, enabling clear tracking and monitoring of every stage. These platforms empower teams to have a real-time understanding of project advancements, fostering effective collaboration and project management.

Offline Accessibility and Data Transfer: Polarion ALM and Jama Connect provide a robust solution for continuity in a dynamic work environment. Both systems allow users to transfer data to Microsoft Word or Excel formats which can be accessed and updated in areas with limited or no internet access. The changes made can then be imported back to the system ensuring uninterrupted productivity. The data transfer functionality also allows organizations to transfer data between multiple systems using industry standard ReqIF format.

Within the aerospace sector, the integration of electronic systems has gained paramount significance for aviation manufacturers, facilitating the advancement of innovation while upholding stringent industry mandates.

Equipped with extensive hands-on experience spanning decades in rigorously controlled fields, we possess an intimate understanding of the challenges you face and are well-prepared to find the correct solutions for you.

Contact us to learn more about our aerospace solutions.


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