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Automotive organizations often encounter significant challenges when they lack digital systems. These challenges encompass inefficiencies stemming from manual processes, limitations in data analysis and decision-making capabilities, difficulties complying with industry regulations, and potential disruptions in the intricate automotive supply chain. Embracing comprehensive digital solutions like Polarion ALM and Jama Connect can mitigate these hurdles by streamlining product development activities, enabling data-driven insights, and enhancing collaboration.

At Sterling, we offer solutions that help automotive engineering companies comply with the ISO 26262 product development standard, drive productivity, and deliver superior quality using industry leading solutions such as Polarion ALM and Jama Connect.

Sterling’s automotive ALM solutions deliver: 

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring adherence to regulatory standards such as ISO 26262, an international functional safety guideline for the automotive sector, is crucial for guaranteeing safety and mitigating risks of injury or fatality. Managing regulatory compliance manually demands a thorough understanding of the standard’s intricacies and vigilant oversight to ensure regulatory benchmarks are met. This is where tools like Polarion ALM and Jama Connect come into play. Polarion ALM and Jama Connect streamline this process by seamlessly integrating regulatory requisites into templates. Additionally, Polarion ALM and Jama Connect conduct swift traceability assessments to validate completed testing or identify unaddressed requirements, all within a matter of seconds.

Team Collaboration: Real-time collaboration becomes effortlessly achievable with tools like Polarion ALM and Jama Connect. These platforms empower smooth collaboration across diverse business units, eradicating the hassles of revision conflicts and fostering uninterrupted, continuous development processes.

Traceability: In the dynamic landscape of managing and enhancing complex products like the modern connected car, maintaining comprehensive traceability throughout the product lifecycle is critical. The automotive sector’s traceability intricacies encompass overseeing an array of interconnected elements including numerous requirements, testing protocols, design elements, risk assessments, and other project components. However, relying on manual methods is not only time-intensive but also susceptible to human error. This is where both Polarion ALM and Jama Connect come to the fore. These platforms alleviate this challenge by seamlessly establishing connections between artifacts, which can be presented in customizable reports, thereby eliminating error-prone manual updates. Additionally, Polarion ALM and Jama Connect can integrate with various modeling tools further extending the traceability and maintaining an accurate audit trail to comply with rigorous industry safety standards.

Live Dashboards and Reports: The reporting capabilities of Polarion ALM and Jama Connect represent a transformative leap in project oversight and decision-making within the automotive industry. Intricate dashboards and comprehensive reports provided by these systems offer a real-time, holistic view of project progress, resource allocation, product traceability, and critical milestones. The result is an elevated decision-making landscape that empowers automotive professionals to navigate complexities, optimize resources, and drive innovation.

Test Management: Polarion ALM and Jama Connect present a robust and comprehensive suite of test management capabilities tailored to the unique demands of the automotive industry. These platforms seamlessly integrate test planning, execution, and tracking, offering a centralized platform for teams to create, manage, and trace test cases, ensuring rigorous quality assurance throughout the product lifecycle. Polarion ALM and Jama Connect enable orchestration of efficient testing processes, expedite defect identification and resolution, and enhance overall product reliability.

Offline Accessibility and Data Transfer: Polarion ALM and Jama Connect provide a robust solution for continuity in a dynamic work environment. Both systems allow users to transfer data to Microsoft Word or Excel formats which can be accessed and updated in areas with limited or no internet access. The changes made can then be imported back to the system, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. The data transfer functionality also allows organizations to transfer data between multiple systems using industry standard ReqIF format.

In the automotive industry, having an electronic system has become increasingly important to an auto manufacturer’s ability to drive innovation while adhering to strict industry regulations. More specifically, a centralized system is critical to ensuring each stage of the lifecycle is appropriately managed with an efficient use of resources.

With decades of real-life engineering experience in highly regulated industries, we know your challenges, we’ve lived your challenges—and we can solve your challenges.

Contact us to learn more about our automotive solutions.


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