Automotive PLM

At Sterling, we offer solutions that help automotive engineering companies comply with the ISO 26262 product development standard, drive productivity and deliver superior quality using Polarion ALM.

A browser-based regulatory-compliant software program, Polarion is configured to closely follow functional safety requirements and automate mandatory checks—across the entire automotive product lifecycle.

Backed by Polarion software, Sterling’s automotive PLM solutions deliver:

Real-time collaboration: Enjoy seamless collaboration across multiple business units and eliminate revision conflicts to drive continuous development—without time-consuming interruptions

Live dashboards and reports: Get an accurate overview of your projects, gain visibility into supplier activity and simplify your decision tree with real-time access to dashboards and reports

Data exchange: Facilitate a seamless flow of information between suppliers and manufacturers without compromising document integrity with roundtrip functionality that supports Word, Excel, ReqIF and PDF exports

Comprehensive traceability: Do away with error-prone manual file updates, enjoy user-friendly integration with multiple modeling tools and maintain accurate audit trails to ensure compliance with industry safety standards

Customizable and adaptable workflows: Leverage the solution’s change management capabilities to stay current with the constantly evolving automotive industry standards

Offline testing functionality: Simplify your testing processes with offline testing capabilities that allow you to import and sync results from road tests conducted in areas with no internet access

In the automotive industry, product lifecycle management (PLM) has become increasingly important to an auto manufacturer’s ability to drive innovation while adhering to strict industry regulations. More specifically, a centralized system is critical to ensuring each stage of the lifecycle is appropriately managed with an efficient use of resources.

Streamline your processes, comply with ISO guidelines, and reduce time-to-market with Sterling and Polarion. With decades of real-life engineering experience in highly regulated industries, we know your challenges, we’ve lived your challenges—and we can solve your challenges.

Contact us to learn more about our automotive PLM solutions.


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