Clear Up the Confusion: Saving your time, money and resources with streamlined product development

How much time does your team spend gathering information about project status?

Are you looking to reduce overhead costs for your engineering teams and minimize the time spent on administrative tasks?

Is your metrics data out-of-date before it’s even presented?

Polarion can cut through the noise to bring everyone on your team together so that your development process is collaborative, efficient and maximizes your team’s productivity.

To demonstrate, Sterling PLM’s Jessica Slater walks through a typical status meeting and shows how a few of Polarion’s unique features can make the experience more streamlined, transparent and stress-free.

 Topics we cover:

  • Task management to make sure assignments are clear, prioritized and completed in a timely manner
  • Document control to ensure approvers are reviewing the most current versions and can see changes over time
  • Reports to drive higher-level decision making
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March 29, 2021

What Is Polarion?

Learn more about our tool that streamlines product development in a compliance-based...
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July 21, 2021

How to Choose an Application Lifecycle Management Tool

The key to the successful development of any product is a smooth product development cycle—particularly in the automotive industry, where safety is paramount. The planning and control of your...
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April 28, 2021

Leading You Into the Next Era of Product Development

Do you waste time going back and forth with team members asking for status updates? Do you find yourself searching around for the most recent...
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