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Why Polarion?

Track the project artifacts you care about with Polarion, a browser-based regulatory-compliant software program. The enterprise-grade application lifecycle management software is purpose-built to synchronize the management of all activities and assets across the entire development lifecycle to help teams innovate, collaborate, and uncover synergies across distributed functions.

Why Polarion?

Polarion gives you everything you need to manage your software development process and, ultimately, power your business goals—all in one unified solution—resulting in:

  • Seamless Requirements Management
  • Improved traceability
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased collaboration and efficiency
  • Automated processes
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Nine Ways Polarion Can Power Your Lifecycle Management Processes:

With the ability to easily manage documentation, generate data-based reports, facilitate project and resource management, and more, your teams can:

  1. Capture and manage: Gather and keep track of project requirements quickly and easily
  2. Trace artifacts across the entire project: Connect the dots between requirements, design, test cases and test result, with forensic-level traceability and comprehensive impact analysis.
  3. Gather insights: Improve your decision-making with detailed analytics and real-time status reports on any information across your software development lifecycle.
  4. Collaborate in real time: With one single source of truth, see who’s working on what and facilitate a seamless flow of information between all parties involved.
  5. Simplify testing activities: Test all activities from one central quality management platform and enjoy the ability to create test cases and link them to your requirements, instantly and automatically notify your team of testing progress, share files and work items across the team, and more.
  6. Conduct offline testing: With Polarion’s offline testing capabilities, you can easily import and sync results from tests conducted in areas with no internet access, so you’re not duplicating efforts or wasting resources.
  7. Customize on-the-fly: Make a change anywhere in the project lifecycle, easily and seamlessly.
  8. Personalize based on users: Easily personalize the application for users’ individual use based on what’s most relevant to them.
  9. Maintain the integrity of your security protocols: Configure user permissions globally for each repository and project and control who sees and has access to what.

Why Sterling PLM?

At Sterling PLM, we solve engineering management problems. But we are more than product development process experts; we are a team of engineers who understand your goals and challenges —because we’ve been in your shoes. The problems we solve for our customers are the problems we’ve solved for ourselves in our own Sterling Medical Devices projects—and that is the principle upon which Sterling PLM was born.

With this real-world experience and first-hand knowledge, we take an empathetic approach to helping customers implement proven processes that govern the design and development of their engineered products, using software that tracks processes and provides greater visibility across the enterprise.

When you work with us, you get a partner who is uniquely positioned to seamlessly integrate Polarion into your organization and configure it to align with your processes. We’ll work with your team (engineer to engineer) to train them on how to use the system in a way that boosts efficiencies to support faster time to market.

Maximize progress and potential across your software development environment and power your business’s most critical goals with Sterling PLM and Polarion.


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