Medical Device Testing

Medical Device Testing

Sterling is highly-experienced in verification and validation processes that ensure software specifications are met along with user needs and intended uses.

  • Early testing can help reduce risk and make sure the device is efficient and safe to use
  • Software is properly tested and that mitigations to those risks are found
  • Utilize state-of-the-art tools and electronic test equipment
  • Products are tested cohesively to complete requirements on both sides of verification and validation
  • Medical device testing should be conducted throughout the medical device development process

Why should you test your software before its market release? The answer is that testing can help lower costs by limiting the appearance unforeseen consequences in your medical device. Testing throughout the process will ensure that your medical device works efficiently, properly, and effectively with its users. Moreover, detecting critical bugs and security issues within the device will make it safer for patients and healthcare personnel to use. Sterling Medical Devices is committed to ensuring that every aspect of your medical device has been tested, verified, and validated. Our engineers will work with you to help ensure a thorough job in defining requirements in the initial stages of your medical device development process to uncover hidden details as early as possible in the process.

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Device Testing throughout the Development Process

Sterling Medical Devices specializes in the design, development and testing of medical devices. Achieve FDA approval without costs getting out of control by utilizing Sterling’s proven risk management process, validation, verification creating an air tight design history file (DHF). Sterling decomposes the device from top to bottom to identify potential problems and work through the remediation of potential hazards. Sterling’s engineers spend their lives working through these questions to understand the functions of these systems and the relationship between software code and the medical device.


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